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They wanted ideas for themed foods. So I tried making hamburger themed cookies. They're Nilla wafers, fudge cookies, coconut dyed green, and two colors of frosting.

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The endangered Mount Graham red squirrel has lost nearly half its population over the past 15 years, leaving fewer than 300 to roam their only home in the Pinaleño Mountains in southeastern Arizona........

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helping take care of a stray dog until we find his home. He doesn't have a microchip and I haven't seen a MISSING poster for him.

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I never realized how much product packaging there was to items. I'm opening shower gifts and baby items and it really is piling up!

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He is hosting a Big Sit Bird-a-thon. I'm excited to go sit and bird watch. I'll only do an hour or so, but it will be nice.

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Must be nesting. The couch pillows got washed yesterday :)

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My first load of baby stuff - blankets, towels, burp clothes etc... exciting!

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I repurposed 4 dry cleaner bags as trash bags. I threw out any wrapping paper or tissue paper that couldn't be reused. I'm bummed that tissue paper can't be recycled.

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The weirdness of this story it that the waters of the creek the mine proposes to manage... aren't there. 99% of the time it is dry. 1% of the time is it muddy.

Rosemont's Cienega Creek Restoration Plan Dead in the Water?
Rosemont Copper, now a subsidiary of Toronto-based Hudbay Minerals Inc., has run into problems again with its proposed restoration plan to compensate for their proposed mine’s projected impact on seeps, springs, streams and the habitats they support. The Arizona Daily Star reports, “The plan, discussed off and on for well over a year and already left for dead once, was for mine owner Hudbay Minerals Inc. to buy hundreds of acre-feet of water rights to Cienega Creek on the county’s far southeast side from owners of a nearby golf course. Hudbay would then turn those rights over to Pima County so the water would stay in the creek rather than be diverted at Pantano Dam onto greens and fairways of the Del Lago golf course. But the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers appears to have put the kibosh on the proposal in a recent letter to Hudbay. The plan’s failure wouldn’t prevent Hudbay from getting the federal Clean Water Act permit required to build the mine. But it would make it harder to get because the Cienega Creek restoration has been a centerpiece of Rosemont’s mitigation effort.”

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